Issue with rootcint in Root 6.24/02

Dear All

using rootcint in the following line (you’ll see my local .h etc) gives the following error : “rootcint: for the -s option: may not occur within a group!”

The actual line in the script is :

rootcint -f styleDict.cxx -std=c++14 -I/home/azfarl/root/include -I/home/azfarl/protoDunePackages/DUNEPROTOTKI_PARENT/DUNEprotoTKI/style style.h styleLinkDef.h

And I have no idea what is going on !
thanks for any help

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_ROOT Version: 6.24/02
_Platform:Ubuntu 20.04
_Compiler: g++ using rootcint

For allowed / supported options, see: rootcint --help

Thanks for your response - so I checked - I don’t see anything thats not supported.
This command and package works on a scientific linux platform - but somehow not on my ubuntu

best wishes and thanks for any further insight

Hi @Farrukh ,
you can’t pass -std=C++14 like that to rootcint. The error message you get is because rootcint thinks you are using its -s option.