Issue with block data loading for PYTHIA6

I’m having an issue in running pythia6 with root. It works withing root, not when I create an executable.
Googling around I’ve fond reports of similar problem but not usable solutions. ROOT have been built
by scratch from source, and the same for pythia. Any hint?

PS: I can access pythia libs normally and run simulations when I don’t link with EGPythia6

_ROOT Version: v6.16.00_gcc6.3.1
Platform: centos7@cern
Compiler: gcc 6.3.0 from /cvmfs/

% printenv LHAPDF
% printenv PYTHIA6
% root-config --cflags
-pthread -std=c++14 -m64 -fPIC -I/cvmfs/
% root-config --libs
-L/cvmfs/ -lCore -lImt -lRIO -lNet -lHist -lGraf -lGraf3d -lGpad -lROOTVecOps -lTree -lTreePlayer -lRint -lPostscript -lMatrix -lPhysics -lMathCore -lThread -lMultiProc -lROOTDataFrame -pthread -lm -ldl -rdynamic
% g++ root-config --cflags -o testPYROOT.exe root-config --libs -lEG -lEGPythia6 -L$LHAPDF -lLHAPDF pythiaExample.C
% ./testPYROOT.exe
Fatal error: BLOCK DATA PYDATA has not been loaded!
The program execution is stopped now!

 PYSTOP called with code:    8

% pwd


`root-config --cxx --cflags` -o testPYROOT.exe pythiaExample.C `root-config --libs` -lEG -lEGPythia6 -L${PYTHIA6} -lPythia6 -L${LHAPDF} -lLHAPDF

so simple? that works! thanks.

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