Issue setting up ROOT 5.34.32 on AFS


since May, I was using ROOT 5.34.30 on lxplus (AFS) setting it up via these instructions, and everything was fine until I think a couple of weeks ago when I started getting

dirname: missing operand Try `dirname --help' for more information.
in the start of each lxplus session. Usually, I use various analysis setups anyway, so I didn’t really notice that ROOT is not getting set up in the start of the session. Lately I figured it out and I traced this thing down to the following line in the instructions:

, specifically, I think, this line

has troubles.

Could someone confirm or investigate?

P.S. I use zsh.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Certainly the problem is related to zsh and will fix it ASAP.

Can you please try again?

Thanks, it works now!