Issue Recognising Type Specifiers

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ROOT Version: 6.19.02
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Visual Studio 2019

I’m trying to load a macro RootTools.C but I am running into multiple issues. There seems to be one where the types are not recognised for some reason

and also an issue with the conversion of a string literal to a char *

Any help would me much appreciated.

In “RootTools.h” add: #include "Rtypes.h"
Use: const char *

Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestions and now am getting the following errors

You probably need to use another name for “RT_VERSION” in your own source code.

Try to use / define: const char *titel;

Do you mean literally just changing the name RT_VERSION to something else? Sorry could you also explain what you mean by defining const char *titel ?

I have no idea where this “RT_VERSION” comes from and for what purpose it is used in your own source code. Apparently there is a clash with some Windows compiler’s macro.

Most probably, you now have “char *titel;” somewhere. It needs to be using “const char *”, too.

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You were correct, it seems to be working without any issues now. Thank you very much for all the help, I really appreciate it.