Issue in plotting a 2D histogram

Dear experts,

I am plotting to histograms using two different root files. I donot know why but one plot has some exponential figures in bins while other has not. I donot know why i am getting this exponential number instead of getting a integer value.

Please help me to resolve this. I donot know may be my root file has some issues. I am attaching macros, root files and plots as well.
MC13TeV_DY50toInf_nlo.root (53.1 KB)
Data_total.root (35.6 KB) (5.9 KB) (5.9 KB)
added_data_nt2.root (16.8 KB)
zjets_nt2_norm.root (16.8 KB)

Try to add:


Note that, in one case the integrals of your histograms are of the order of 10^3 (no “scale” is applied), while in the second case they are around 10^10 (after the 1921.8 “scale” factor is applied), and that’s what you see in your final plots.
Maybe you wanted to apply (in the second case):

double scale = 1. / 1921.8;

Well sir this 1921 is the cross section value and I am normalizing this histogram with it. But for second histogram,it is data and I donot normalize it. But the fact is MC histogram should match a data histogram, not perfectly but almost

You need to talk to the author of your MC, who should tell you how to “scale” MC histograms to your data.

Thanks sir.
What i am concernd is, my root files and scripts are fine??
Please have a look on third_tight_muon_pt_eta and third_loose_muon_pt_eta.
Is they fine?? Why they are black not like data root file.

Again, you need to talk to the author of your MC.
MC histograms have some bins with negative contents, that’s probably why they are drawn this way.
Search for “negative” in the THistPainter Class Reference.

Well, Thanks sir for guiding me.

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