ISO C++ complains

in Makefile.linux (I am on ahtlon MP fedora 3) CVS root of today
I added to CXXFLAGS "-pedantic "
and here is what I saw :

g++ -O -pedantic -pipe -Wall -W -Woverloaded-virtual -fPIC -Iinclude -pthread -UHAVE_CONFIG -DROOTBUILD -c utils/src/rootcint.cxx -o utils/src/rootcint_tmp.o
In file included from include/Api.h:39,
from utils/src/rootcint.cxx:142:
include/G__ci.h:392: error: ISO C++ does not support long long' include/G__ci.h:393: error: ISO C++ does not supportlong long’
make: *** [utils/src/rootcint_tmp.o] Error 1

I guess that’s not very good but I am not sure
of extent of side effects.

Anyone got a clue ?

If a program works w/o -pedantic but does not compile with it does that affect anything?

My program had some other incompatibilities with ISO C++ , but does that matter?
ISO C++ forbids initialization of member constant th_min' of non-integral typeconst Double_t’