Is v3.00 of the RooFit manual available?

I’m looking for the latest RooFit manual and the page claims:

[quote]A 134-page users manual for RooFit version 2.91 is available here. This manual was last updated in October 2008, but is still completely valid. Another update that includes all new features added in version 3.00 will appear before October 2009

Since it’s 2011 now, is this version available?

Hi Paul,

This hasn’t happened.The main reason for that my 2-year appointment as ATLAS top working group convener —from Oct 09-Oct11- which has taken nearly 100% of my available time in those two years. I plan to be more (much) active on RooFit development in the coming year and updating the documentation is one of my top priorities for the next year, so expect a substantial update in a couple of months. On a shorter time scale,
I expect to have new and better tutorial macros available.


Dear Wouter,

Are there plans concerning the time of release of new version of the manual? Or are you still busy with other things and there was no development on this subject for couple of years?