Is this possible in proof?

Dear Proof experts:

Is it possible for proof to stop sending jobs to a WN which has relative high system load. I mean for a 8-core WN in proof cluster, maybe 5 are occupied by other processes which are not proof jobs, but proof thinks that all the 8 job slots on this WN are free so it will send 8 jobs to this WN and then system crashed. Is it possible for
proof to make some detection of this WN (such as cpu overload, cpu wait … ) or receive some message from other processes and then stop sending jobs to this WN?


No, this is not currently possible with PROOF.
If the other jobs are controlled by a batch system may be you can consider using PROOF via Proof-On-Demand using the batch system as resource manager. This may do what you want.
Have a look at .

G. Ganis