Is there still has the class THilbertMatrixTSym in root projection with version 6.24/04?

___i wrote a projection using root with THilbertMatrixTSym.h included, but it seems there is not this class:

when compiling this projection, the error occurs:

/home/llh/Root/Manual/chapter14/MatrixDecomposition/ConditionNumber/ConditionNumber.cpp:2:10: fatal error: THilbertMatrixTSym.h:no that file or folder
2 | #include “THilbertMatrixTSym.h”

what is the right class name?
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ROOT Version: 6.24/04
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: GCC 9.3.0

grep -r THilbertMatrixTSym ${ROOTSYS}/include

I can’t find any trace of that file in ROOT’s history, it was probably a third-party addition?


it seems it has the class, but the projection can not be compiled.

in Root reference documents, the class is found:

but the projection can not be compiled.

Ah sorry, I searched for that specific file as I understood from your question that at some point your code must have compiled. Instead it looks like that class always lived in TMatrixTLazy.h, as you can see from your screenshot.


yes, the class live in TMatrixTLazy.h, and my projection works well, thanks!

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