Is there any way to recover a lost object?

I am using root 5.06/00 on XP. A program that was writing a .ROOT File terminated abnormally. There are 5 objects that derive from TObject that were written at the start and 1 of them gets written every 30 seconds with fHeader->Write(0,TObject::kWriteDelete); fRawFile->Flush(); When I open file, I can read all but this last object (CRunHeader;511) just fine:[ul]root [7] gDebug=2
(const int)2
root [8] .ls
TFile** x:/eo/r14_00403.rraw raw data
TFile* x:/eo/r14_00403.rraw raw data
KEY: CDetectorCal CDetectorCal;1
KEY: CVoltage CVoltage;1
KEY: CBowl CBowl;1
KEY: CCalibMass CCalibMass;1
KEY: CRunHeader CRunHeader;511 R14_00403 WG36518620B_2 01-17-2007
root [9] f->Get(“CRunHeader”)
TKey Reading 682 bytes at address 536281
R__unzip: error in header[/ul]My question is: Is there any way that I can recover this last object? The Map shows a gap (??) at address 536281 with no mention of CRunHeader[ul]root [10] f->Map()
20070117/144354 At:100 N=166 TFile
20070117/144354 At:266 N=531784 CDetectorCal CX = 2.30
20070117/144355 At:532050 N=1603 CVoltage CX = 2.03
20070117/144355 At:533653 N=987 CBowl
20070117/144355 At:534640 N=960 CCalibMass CX = 1.50
Address = 535600 Nbytes = -681 =====G A P===========
Address = 536281 Nbytes = -89 =====G A P===========
20070118/165728 At:536370 N=342 KeysList
20070118/165728 At:536712 N=99 FreeSegments
Address = 536811 Nbytes = -151 =====G A P===========
19951219/190135 At:536962 N=100728832 CX = 0.00
19951219/190135 At:101265794 N=1 END[/ul]Finally, here’s the key:[ul]root [11] f->GetKey(“CRunHeader”)->Dump()
==> Dumping object at: 0x037fa0f0, name=CRunHeader, class=TKey

fVersion 3 Key version identifier
fNbytes 682 Number of bytes for the object on file
fObjlen 807 Length of uncompressed object in bytes
fDatime ->37fa118 Date/Time of insertion in file
fDatime.fDatime 20070117/185959
fKeylen 83 Number of bytes for the key itself
fCycle 511 Cycle number
fSeekKey 536281 Location of object on file
fSeekPdir 100 Location of parent directory on file
fClassName ->37fa138 Object Class name
fClassName.*fData CRunHeader
fLeft 0 Number of bytes left in current segment
*fBuffer ->0
*fBufferRef ->0 Pointer to the TBuffer object
fName ->37fa0fc object identifier
fName.*fData CRunHeader
fTitle ->37fa104 object title
fTitle.*fData R14_00403 WG36518620B_2 01-17-2007
fUniqueID 6 object unique identifier
fBits 0x03000000 bit field status word[/ul]
Ed Oltman