Is there any serial port library suport Cling on windows?


I try to communicate to COM port on windows. I find there are some c++ library for serial communication. I try some of them but neither can work in Cling. For example the " wjwwood serial" in the github and another header-only library .

For the " wjwwood serial", my problem is that I don’t know how to use the compiled serial.lib file (using vs2019) in Cling. Actually I can use it in Ubuntu system easily. For the header-only library, my problem is that Cling linker ask for shared library.

Could you please give me a very basic example to realize serial communication in Cling on windows? My ROOT version is 6.22.

Thank you very much!

You will have to write your own application and link with serial.lib and the ROOT libraries, I’m afraid there is no other way…

Do you mean it’s impossible to use serial communication in Cling interpreter in the interavtive way? I have to compile the code?

Well, yes, as far as I know… But maybe @vvassilev can think of another way

Thank you very much! Forgive me to leave this post still open. I really hope there will be some positive suprise.:slight_smile: