Is there any easy way to incorporate the lib or dll?

we now have lots of dlls/libs(which is written in the MFC);

can i just use the cint load the dll/lib,and then use the cint to interprate the program in which has the functions defined in the loaded dll?

for example:
in the eample.cpp  i defined a function:
         int test()
           return 0;

then the example.cpp was compiled to example.dll
(not using makecint generate)

then in the implementaion of myowncint:
   makecint -mk Makefile -o myowncint -C++ main.cpp -m
     makecint -mk Makefile -o myowncint -C++ main.cpp -m -l example.lib

Question:in the script.c how can i invoke the test()?

must i use the makecint to generate the dll,then use the cint to load the makecint-generated dll?

is there a covienent way that i can load arbitrary dll and invoke them in the interpreted scripte?


sorry, I don’t understand your question. Are you asking whether you can call a function that is in a shared library from an interpreted script?

Cheers, Axel.