Is there a Windows Cling binary or how to compile it for Windows?

Is there a precompiled Cling binary for Windows or how to compile it?
Is it possible to compile Cling with VS2017?
Can anyone provide detailed instructions?
Why there is a problem with Cling in Windows, but not with Clang?

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There is no precompiled binary for Windows, you have to build it yourself:
see the cling build instructions. First, check-out llvm, clang and cling sources:

git clone src
cd src
git checkout cling-patches
cd tools
git clone
git clone
cd clang
git checkout cling-patches
cd ../..

Then use CMake to configure &build cling:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[Install Path] ..\src
cmake --build . --config [Build configuration, e.g. Release or Debug]
cmake --build . --target install

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