Is Simulated Annealing working?

I just wanted to give simulated annealing a try. My own attempts crashed, so I decided to try the sample from … nimization

However, it crashes exactly in the same way, when calling Minimize():

*** glibc detected *** /opt/pi/ext/dload/root/bin/root.exe: free(): invalid pointer: 0xbf8d7710 ***

and than lots of other stuff.

I’m using root 5.27/01 from svn, but not the latest… :slight_smile:


yes there is a bug now introduced as side effect by a recent fix in the MathMore library. I will commit a fix shortly,

Thank you very much for reporting this problem !

Best Regards



this should be fixed now in the trunk, reversion 33304
( )


Thank! It does something and does not crash so far :slight_smile: