Is root able to work with the picture-format "tif"


I have a question concerning the picture-format “tif”. I open a picture of this format with
[color=red]TASImage tifImg=new TASImage(“/localdata/…/.tif”);[/color]
Now I want to get access to the picture to manipulate it. I tried it by using an Unsigned Int Array.
That means I tried it with
[color=red]UInt_t *pntArray=tifImg->GetArgbArray();[/color]
and with
[color=red]UInt_t *pntArray=tifImg->GetRgbaArray();[/color]
, but after this I cannot manipulate the pntArray, because on the Array only stands wrong values. The values on the Array always increment by 1.
Now I want to know, if there are any other possibilities to get access to a “tif”-picture?
Or is root not be able to work with the “tif”-format?

to manipulate image pixels directly use GetArgbArray method.

     // 24..31 bits "A" (alfa) define transparency of the color in the range 0 - 0xff
     // for example, 0x00000000 - black color with 100% transparency
     //              0xff000000 - non-transparent black color

See how it is done in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/image/trans_graph.C
If you have more questions send me TIF file and small macro explaining the problem.

Regards. Valeriy