Is it safe to migrate to python3 whilst using pyROOT?

It isn’t clear to me whether pyROOT fully supports python3 or not. The commit log shows that there has been much work in this area, but whether or not it is a “finished” feature I cannot tell. I would ideally like to switch to python3 now, but I am concerned about pyROOT compatibility. What is the verdict?

I am using PyROOT with python 3.4 for usual daily business (Canvas, Plot, Fit, …). Can’t comment on heavier stuff though. I would say, just give it a try!


all the roottest tests pass with Python3 since a while. There’s some caveat with “from ROOT import *” (which always was a hack; with newer p3’s it’s even worse), but all the rest should be okay. If not, it’s probably safe enough by now to treat such as a bug.