Is it possible to track using Garfield::TrackSrim class in a magnetic field?


I’m working on the simulation of AT-TPC with a triple GEM.

One of the particles to be tracked is the Oxygen ion in He gas with a momentum of few MeV/c.

I thought that a combination of Garfield::TrackSrim would be the best choice.

However, I’m wondering that Garfield::TrackSrim supports tracking in a magnetic field after finding that there is no method of enabling magnetic field, unlike the TrackHeed class.

Does TrackSrim take an account for a magnetic field as a default when tracking?

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Hyunmin Yang, Department of Physics, Korea University

Hi @user2, and welcome to the ROOT forum,

I am sure @hschindl can help here.


apologies for my late reply. TrackSrim does not take the magnetic field into account at the moment.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement it though. I’ll put it on my to-do list, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to look into it in the next days. Would you be interested to give it a try yourself?

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