Is it possible to redirect standart output to a TGTextView?

Hello Rooters

Is it possible to redirect standard ouput to TGTextView to make a log consol for example.

One solution is to do a redirection of standard ouput to a file with gSystem->RedirectOuput(file,“a”) and do a LoadFile in TGTextView
but this solution is not pleasant and generate few problemes…

Have you a idea? Thanks


Hi Luc,

What problems have you seen by using this techniques? Please tell us more about what are you expecting instead.

Thank you, Ilka

A example of probleme with this technic is :
To see immediately a new output in TGTextView you must do a refresh a (TGTextView_object->LaodFile()) just after its emit . It is not always possible to do a immediat refresh when you use Class that doesn’t belong to you!


Hi Luc,

OK, I understand your point and will let you know if we can provide another solution. I included it in our ToDo list.

Cheers, Ilka