Is it possible to compile ROOT 6 in windows

Hi Rooters,

I want to try out ROOT 6 using a Windows 7 installation.
I never build ROOT from source in a windows environment, only in linux.
I have installed and tried to build it using cmake, but I failed so maybe someone can give me a hint if what I am trying is possible and if maybe could link me a step by step instruction or at least a rough plan what I have to do.


Hi Jo,

we are working hard to achieve this goal, but currently ROOT6 is not natively supported on Windows.
The options available in case windows is the only os at disposal are:
[li] Set up a VM with a slim linux running on it[/li]
[li] Use ROOT5 for a little while more[/li][/ul]


Hi Danilo,

thanks for your reply, I will stick to Root 5 on Windows until its natively supported.
On Linux Root 6 already seems to work quite good, so I am not realy in hurry, I was just curious.