Is it necessary to install cmake and required libraries and other optional libraries when installing ROOT with binary package in windows 10/7?

Hi Experts,
I am totally beginner in installing ROOT in windows machine .
can anyone please guide me how i can install ROOT on windows with binary package ?

and yes one more thing is it necessary to install prerequisite libraries to install binary version ? or we just need to download binary package and extract it in a place and set the environment ? will it work ?

actually i want to install ROOT binary version for my windows 10 or may be one of my friend want to install in windows 7 so could anyone please help me out with this it will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance !

Only Visual Studio 2019 is required. There is a free (Community) version. Note that there is a problem of compatibility between the different versions of Visual Studio and you might need to build ROOT from source. In this case, you can follow the instructions here: Building ROOT from source - ROOT and here: Installing ROOT - ROOT

Thanks for your prompt reply!
but on this link different VS version is suggested then which version should i download ?
and what is the difference between .exe and zip file ?
and with VS version it should be installed with c++ and cmake and prerequisite libraries… is it so ?

I just wanted to install by using binary distribution not from the source.

Visual Studio 2019 Community edition

The .exe in a self-installing version and .zip a compressed version you have to extract somewhere

When installing Visual Studio, you have to select “Desktop development with C++” in the installer. The interpreter needs the Visual Studio and Windows 10 SDK header files. And as I said, the pre-requisites are only needed if you want to build from source.

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