Is is possible to install ratcage with root 6.24?

Newbie here
I am facing some issue installing ratcage on my system.
OS: ubuntu 20.04 in a virtual box running on windows 10.
I had previously installed root 6.24 in my conda environment.
gcc 9.3.0
g++ 9.3.0

fatal error: iostream.h: No such file or directory
As per my understanding starting g++ 4.8, iostream.h has been deprecated and instead uses iostream, but the problem is I am unable to find a way to install g++ 4.8. As far as I can tell that gcc 4.8
is not available in the standard ubuntu repositories.

PS: My apologies if this topic has been addressed already.

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ROOT Version: 6.24
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: gcc 9.30

Hi @sarthchoudhary ,
and welcome to the ROOT forum! This sounds more like a ratcage issue than a ROOT issue, maybe there is a mailing list or a forum where the ratcage devs can help?

I’m not really sure we can do much here. g++ 4.8 is a very old compiler version, you’d probably have to install it manually.


Yes, it seems to be the case. Anyway I thought I will cover all my bases.
Thanks for your reply.