iRoot- A modern GUI-based framework for TTree analysis

I have made a simple GUI-based framework for analysis of data stored in TTrees and that I’d like to share.
The potential of TTrees is unknown to many, despite its attractive and powerful features. This in my opinion, is due to the fact that many feel lazy to venture into it. They need to write a program, compile it without errors and then run it to see the plots. Beginners who are used to work with applications like MS Excel where plotting is just a click away, feel the pain when they have to plot the data from a TTree. TBrowser does help sometimes but not always.
Having worked with TTree for quite sometime, what initially started as a analysis framework for our project INO (India-based Neutrino Observatory) has now taken a generic form where one can use it for any analysis that uses TTree.
The main features of iRoot are:

  • Open multiple files for analysis and choose the one to plot or analyse
  • Open multiple files as chain (plot/analyse as if the files are merged together)
  • Split/Merge trees on click of a button
  • Add a friend to you tree (This is useful if you want to correlate the data in your tree with data in another tree not having the same branches)
  • Auto saving plots.
  • Looping plot- Plot variables stored in an array easily, compare plots from different files in one go.
  • View entries and branches in the tree one by one or in a spreadsheet format
  • User friendly fitting module.
  • User friendly style setting module-change color, font styles and patterns easily, apply to all plots.
  • Convert an ASCII file to TTree format
  • Filter your tree and reset it when you want.
  • A easy to use parallel computing facility - Writes the analysis code outline for you and allows to select the number of cores to use.
  • Upload your plots in pdf format to the cloud (Google) at a click of a button[/ul]

I have attached a screen shot of the GUI here. Interested can contact the discussion group at:
The screenshots can also be found there.

The source is open for testing. Interested people can now download it from iRoot webpage.
Installation instructions at and download link at: