IRC #roothep @

Instead of running an external / additional “[url= #roothep @[/url]”, why don’t you simply add a small “chat window” / “chat box” in the bottom of the “RootTalk Forum” page?
I’ve seen something like this in many forums. They often look different so there are probably different “ways” / “software” to achieve it (I don’t know which one is “the best” one).


Excellent idea! So much simpler!

I’ll do some research; ideally this should reuse the forum login…

Cheers, Axel

That’s right. I often saw that the same nicks were used in both, “forum” and “chat”. However, if one was not logged-in then an “anonymous” nick was used in the “chat” (I strongly support “anonymous” read AND write access to “chat”).
When searching for a solution, make sure that the “chat window” / “chat box” keeps a history of at least 1000 last entries.

Hi Wile E.,

Yeah that’s one of the major downsides of the shoutbox: IRC has just sooo much more infrastructure. phpBB has 1 (one) shoutbox module and it’s - rudimentary.

We’ll probably go with an embedded shoutbox from someone else. I’ll let you know. Again, thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Wile E.!

The chat box is there - thanks for your suggestion!