IRC Channel for ROOT discussions

Hello fellow ROOTers (is that a thing?), I hope it’s alright to post this here.

I’m a software engineer reacquainting myself w/ C++ for an upcoming job, and in the process have found Cling useful and fascinating and plan to familiarize myself more w/ what ROOT has to offer.

Since I’m a fan of IRC and wanted an IRC channel dedicated to ROOT I registered ##ROOT on (which I can’t link to right now since I’m a new user and don’t have the privileges - the URL is It’s the most populated IRC network which also happens to primarily dedicate itself to open source projects, so it’s a fit. I thought others might want to join.

Two important points about this idea:

  • It’s not my intention to undermine this wonderful forum nor could an IRC channel replace a forum, since both lend themselves to fundamentally different types of discussions. An IRC channel would supplement the forum/community if it gained traction.

  • If people officially associated w/ CERN/ROOT ended up permanently joining I’d be happy to hand off control of the channel. Otherwise I’ll make sure that the channel does not appear official in any way, shape or form.

Ideas/Suggestions welcome, people joining obviously as well. If this is somehow deemed inappropriate I apologize and expect to be told such.

All the best, greetings from Germany,


Dear src,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the ROOT community!

Presently our main support channel, as you say, is this Forum. We also provide support through the ROOT Mattermost team: while the Fourm is a veritable “knowledge base” with years of experience condensed in it, we tend to use Mattermost for quick Q/A, with a much more volatile nature.

I cannot but wish you all the best for the new job in Germany and am looking forward to hear how the IRC channel goes.


Dear Danilo, thanks for replying,

I’m sure ROOT has its bases covered w/out IRC, I’ll just see if some people end up joining to form, albeit surely a small, pleasant community there and if not eventually abandon the idea. I suspect in any case that IRC is probably either wholly unknown or considered to be extremely antiquated in the eyes of most, and even besides that the overlap crowd of people enjoying IRC and ROOT I’m not sure about, it might simply be small to non-existent. We’ll find out.

Thanks for the well wishes,