iPad support

Is anyone thinking about porting root to the iPad?

We are working on a port to iOS. The first stage will be a port of the ROOT core libraries to iOS (i386 simulator and native ARM). Next will follow some apps to interact with ROOT objects (browsing, inspecting, etc). Once the core libraries have been ported we hope the community will pick up and develop apps using ROOT. We cannot commit to a first delivery date but hopefully sometime Q1 2011. We’ll announce it here, so stay tuned.

Cheers, Fons.

i see iOS and armv7 devices are supported in the configure file, but i am not able to actually configure it on my iphone. is it because the port is not ready yet or am i doing something wrong? i have the c compiler installed, x11 too, i just can’t run the configure file.
thank you for you time,

Hi David,

the port is not ready yet. I am working hard on it. I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers, Fons.


So, any updates yet? I’m traveling tomorrow and would love to do some analysis on my ipad. (the battery on my laptop is horrible and i only get about 1 hour of charge.)


Alas, not ready for consumption yet. We’ve the ROOT core running, but the graphics is still under development (i.e. the porting of the canvas X11 graphics to OpenGL ES). We hope to have something for the summer release.

Cheers, Fons.

are there some news about the porting of root on iPad?


are there some news about the porting of root on iPad?


It depends on what do you understand as root ported to iPad and what you expect from such a port. Root can be compiled for iOS (I think Fons did this a year ago already) and you can develop your own iOS applications based on ROOT. If you expect console window with interpeter’s command line and ability to execute macros - I do not think we’ll ever have it. For iOS at the moment I have a special version of pad (a la TVirtualPad/TPad) and I’m working on “browser” for iPad (mixture of seriously simplified TPad and TBrowser to browse contents of ROOT files - see some pictures attached).