Involute of a circle (ROOT geometry)


I’d like to create a geometry formed with an involute of a circle… I’m wondering if there is (or will be) a possibility to create this type of shape using the involute of a circle parametric equations…
x = r.cos(t) + r.t.sin(t)
y = r.sin(t) - r.t.cos(t)

Thanks a lot


This is a very good question. Functional geometric representations have been increasingly popular over the years.

IIUC, the ROOT team does not have this as part of this year program of work. @agheata could tell more for future plans.

Hi Julien,
Although I agree of the utility of such shapes, we are not planning to implement them as they generally have very limited usage while they require a considerable development effort. We have such experience with ellipsoids, hyperboloids, paraboloids, … to quote just the ‘simple’ ones. Note that developing such shape requires satisfying the full TGeoShape API, including navigation functionality. Of course contributions are welcome.

Best, Andrei

Thanks a lot for your answers. I understand that these shapes are not your priority. For my own information, are they new things that will be developed for ROOT geometry module ? New shapes ?
About involute of a circle shape, I might try to code the shape : I don’t guaranty any result but if I have some, I will come back to you.



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