Invalid Read in TFile::Open

hi all

i am examining invalid reads in a code and many of them are of the form:

==00:00:02:58.088 2905== Invalid read of size 8
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== at 0x223D83B8: __strspn_sse42 (emmintrin.h:679)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x19C3FBF5: TROOT::GetType(char const*, bool) const (TROOT.cxx:914)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x19C1C685: TPluginHandler::ExecPlugin(int, …) (TPluginManager.cxx:287)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x1AFF8799: TFile::Open(char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int) (TFile.cxx:3291)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x190ECB80: AliRawReaderRoot::AliRawReaderRoot(char const*, int) (AliRawReaderRoot.cxx:79)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x190E7BA0: AliRawReader::Create(char const*) (AliRawReader.cxx:252)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x174C15F6: AliReconstruction::InitRawReader(char const*) (AliReconstruction.cxx:1399)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x174C18CF: AliReconstruction::InitRun(char const*) (AliReconstruction.cxx:1435)
==00:00:02:58.088 2905== by 0x174C10C2: AliReconstruction::Run(char const*) (AliReconstruction.cxx:1336)

i checked the files and in AliRawReaderRoot.cxx, the indicated line (79) is : fFile = TFile::Open(fileName);

i wanted to ask whether this might be a bug in TFile::Open
i am using the valgrind-suppressions file for root with v5-28-00e

thanks a lot for your time


This seems to be a defect in some version of valgrind (i.e. the report is a false positive).



thanks for the clearing that. btw,i am using v3.6.1 of valgrind.