Interpreting fit status with TMinuit

according to ROOT: TH1 Class Reference, when using TMinuit (which i think almost every ‘normal’ user do (unaware of the other minimizers)), the fit status is given by
status = migradStatus + 10*minosStatus + 100*hesseStatus + 1000*improveStatus

People around me say it is ok to have this =4 (but doesnt it “4” is a sign of problem for the rest ?)
Is there any explanation for the return value of the improveStatus term (I can find the rest of the 4 terms, but not this)

_ROOT Version: 6.24
Platform: ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: gcc9

I guess “status = 4 : Reached call limit”.
You need to increase the allowed “maximum number of iterations” (the default is probably 5000 or just 500).

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