Interpreter window showing in C++ application

Root newbie here. I have inherited code in my software position that is written using Root. I have picked up on quite a bit, but now I’m implementing my own graph, and have the problem that, though instantiated in a c++ application using TRootEmbeddedCanvas and added to a TGCompositeFrame, the Root CINT interpreter window pops up during the run of this application. The graph shows perfectly inside of the TGCompositeFrame, and does not show in the Root CINT interpreter window, so I’m just not sure why the interpreter window keeps popping up when the graph is instantiated and shown. Any help would be very appreciated.

ROOT Version: 5.28/00b (from interpreter window)
Platform: Win 10
Compiler: VS2008

This should not happen, but it really depends on what is inside your code. Note also you are using a very old version of ROOT (from 2011)… Anyway, can you share your code?

I will look to pare it down some. Get back soon. But as to the version of Root, we want to update, but we have been locked at this version since someone a decade ago chose to change root code rather than inheriting, and we need to extract those changes before we can do an update. Kind of a mess, but not the right time to do that extraction yet.

Turns out that I was using the TCanvas that I got from the TRootEmbeddedCanvas object, but hadn’t removed the “new TCanvas” line. I originally got this graph going using the Root CINT interpreter window, but then moved the code. My bad. You were right, it should not happen.

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