Integration of CINT [command line] in the root GUI


I need to use both CINT and a GUI in my program it’s why I am wondering if it is possible to integrate CINT into the root GUI?


CINT is already heavily used by the ROOt GUI (eg signal/slots mechanism).
What is the problem ?


Yes but is it possible to integrate it into my Frame in a TCompositeFrame for example?

Could you explain more precisely what you want to do?
Did you look at the GUI tutorials?


Yes I have seen the tutorials and I didn’t find a window with a the CINT integrated. I know that the TRint object is used with the GUI but is it possible not to use a terminal to use the root bash (root[0] …) but put it in a GUI? Maybe I missed the right tutorial?


Humm … I think you want something the ROOT IDE test in $ROOTSYS/test/RootIDE


Thank you very much Philippe, it is exactly what I want.


Hi Francois,

A simple example guiWithCINT.C of entering CINT commands and having the CINT output in a ROOT GUI application window was added to $ROOTSYS/tutorials/gui directory in cvs head.

Cheers, Ilka

Following users’ request of those who do not use last version of ROOT, I am attaching the macro here.

Cheers, Ilka