Integration in c++ language

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I don’t know how to make program for definite integration using c++ language in root. So please help.

I’m not sure to understand what you’re asking for. You can try to search integration in the ROOT tutorials…

Yes, I don’t know how to do integration in root.

Is Root supports Mathematica language?

No, it doesn’t. Maybe @moneta can give you some hints…

Yes, I don’t know how to do integration in root. Please help @moneta

Integration of what, histogram, function ?

Definitely Integration of function using root.

In ROOT we have classes for performing numerical integration of functions. We don’t have tools for doing analytical integration as in Mathematica.
For numerical integration, you can use the integrator classes, as shown in this tutorial,
or directly the TF1 class, using TF1::Integral, see ROOT: TF1 Class Reference
or TF1::IntegralMultiple for multi-dimensional functions
ROOT: TF1 Class Reference


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