Integrate gaus fit with infinite bounds

I am fitting a double gaussian, and would like to store each of their integrals from -inf to +inf. I’ve looked through other posts and tutorials, and ended up following the methods here Integration of a multidimensional parametric functions

My macro is setup similar to below:

double myGaus(const double *x, const double *par) {
  return par[0]*TMath::Gaus(*x, par[1], par[2]);
TF1 *fit = new TF1("fit", "gaus(0)+gaus(3)");
TFitResultPtr fitResult = h1->Fit("fit", "SQ");

Double_t p1[3] = {fitResult->Parameter(0), fitResult->Parameter(1), fitResult->Parameter(2)};
Double_t p2[3] = {fitResult->Parameter(3), fitResult->Parameter(4), fitResult->Parameter(5)};

ROOT::Math::WrappedParamFunction<> wf(&myGaus, 1, 3);
ROOT::Math::AdaptiveIntegratorMultiDim ig;
ig.Integral() // needs xmin xmax values, but would like it to be infinity

Since AdaptiveIntegratorMultiDim doesn’t have a method like ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDim::Integral that allows for infinite integration bounds, is there a way I can make an IntegratorOneDim but still pass parameters to it? My planned workaround is to give ig.Integral very small and large xmin xmax values relative to the fitted Gaussian.

I’m new to wrapped functions, and if there is a much simpler approach to this please let me know! Thank you!

ROOT Version: 6.26/04
Platform: macOSMonterey 12.4

@moneta could you help here? Thanks!