Integrate custom libraries/ makecint like functionality

Dear developers,
In the past I tried to use CINT as back-end/ interpreter for my work, succeeded to some extent. I have seen members of ROOT team suggesting all to use CLING (being a better option). Since I am new to CLING, would like to first know whether we can integrate our libraries into cling and use it as an interpreter for our code? (MAKECINT like functionality). If it is possible, please direct me some page/ reference/ material from where I can start.
I understand this is a very trivial question, but I could not find a similar question in the posts too.
I appreciate your time and patience.

Thanks and regards,


Just #include the library’s headers. You load the library e.g. by passing it as an argument: cling -l Or by using .L

Dictionaries (the output of makecint) are not needed anymore for cling (but they are still used by ROOT).

Cheers, Axel.

Thanks for that reply Axel.