Integrals for average histograms

So I made 3 histograms one of which was the average of the two where I divided to make:
h3->Divide(h1,h2). After I did that I took the integral of h3 from 600-800 by doing:
h3->Integral(h3->FindFixBin(600),h3->FindFixBin(800)). However I was told that the value I get for the integral is incorrect. Can someone explain mathematically why this is?

Hi Zach,

What makes you think the h3 is the average of h1 and h2? It’s the ratio of these two, but not the average.

This sounds about right.

If you are still talking about the integral between x=600 and x=800, the value you got is correct. Maybe they meant the overall integral? Or try to fix your mistake with the “average” and see how they react :slight_smile:

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Yea thanks I think it was just that I thought the divide was the average. I was doing average asymmetry and divided one histogram weighted by asymmetry divided by another not weighted by asymmetry.

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