Integral using RooMomentMorph

Dear Rooters,
I am trying to evaluate an interpolation for analysis using RooMomentMorph. I have done a linear interpolation for the histogram, and I am using the moment morph to understand the shape.

I would need to get an output for the intergral of the RooMomentMorph within specific bin boundaries. I am trying something like this -

RooMomentMorph signal_model("signal", "signal", ma_euu, vars_euu, pdfs_euu, mx_euu);
RooRealVar mass;

for(int binIndex=0;binIndex<numberOfBins-1;binIndex++){
    std::string bin_str = "bin"+std::to_string(binIndex);
    const char* bin_char = bin_str.c_str();
0.0225* (17) + 3.174) * signal_model.createIntegral(mass, RooFit::NormSet(mass), RooFit::Range(bin_char))->getVal(); 


However, the integral turns out to be 0, I am not sure I understand what is exactly missing, any leads are welcome !

Thank you

Hi @Shreya_Saha ,
sorry for the high latency, we need @moneta 's help here, let’s ping him.



Can you please post a minimal example code that can be run to reproduce the problem?
Sorry again for the late reply



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