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Hi guys,
what is the meaning of the option “width” in the integral method IntegralAndError(first_bin, last_bin,error, “width”)? I checked in the ROOT manual, but it isn’t clear.


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I guess you’re talking about TH1::IntegralAndError()? If so then I guess @moneta can give more details. Otherwise, please specify which method you’re talking about (and from which class)

I’m talking about that method.

So the doc says:

if option “width” is specified, the integral is the sum of the bin contents multiplied by the bin width in x. the error is computed using error propagation from the bin errors assuming that all the bins are uncorrelated

Maybe @moneta can explain differently?

There is not much to add. With the option width the result is multiple by the bin width. This is needed when your histogram has been scaled to represent a probability density function.


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