Installing v5.34 on Mac Yosemite

Dear all,

due to some compatibility issues with in-house software, I need to install root v5.34.26 on mac os x 10.10.

After configuration, I start to compile and it goes on for a while, until an error message appears (6 errors) and compilations stops:

clude/Reflex/Builder/CollectionProxy.h:705:59: error: reference to ‘set’ is ambiguous
include/Reflex/Builder/CollectionProxy.h:705:59: error: unknown type name ‘set’

Is there any specific issue I should check? Any specific option to be passed to “make”.
Before, I had root v6 installed and it was running properly.

I thank you in advance.

Best regards

Do you need to use specifically version v5.34.26? If you use version v5.34.32 should probably work like a dream.


then I will try and check if everything runs with v5.34.32.

Thank you