Installing rootpy with pyroot enabled?

Hi all:

I am currently trying to install rootpy on my computer. Following the instructions as in I have downloaded the github source and am trying to install it manually. However, when I run

sudo python install

I get the error

ROOT cannot be imported. Is ROOT installed with PyROOT enabled?
Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /private/tmp/pip-build-7mHHrE/rootpy/

But I seem to have pyroot enabled, since I can run

python $ROOTSYS/tutorials/pyroot/

and get all the demos to work.

So what might be preventing rootpy from being installed?

What rootpy does is to import ROOT and this is failing. Are you in MacOS? Can you try simply to start python interactively and type import ROOT. Could be that the sudo plays a role with the environment. Try also sudo python and then import ROOT.

When I start python interactively, I have no problem with importing ROOT, even without the sudo command.

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