Installing root

I use root at work and want to install it on my machine at home which is running sarge, the testing version of Debian. I’ve found a Debian package containing root, but it doesn’t seem to have ROOTSYS setup and environment variables are something I’ve never messed with before, so I’m completely clueless as to where to proceed from there (I’d prefer it just be run from /usr/local/ probably). I have also attempted to install from source, but the most reasonable architecture to pick would be Debian 2.1+ and this does not seem to work. It seems to have a problem finding “-|X11” even though I have all of the required packages installed. Just for kicks I tried ./configure with a different architecture (just linux, i think) and it actually finished compiling and installing, it just gave me an error (/usr/local/bin/root.exe: relocation error: /usr/local/bin/root.exe: undefined symbol: _ZN8TStorage11ObjectAllocEj
) when I tried to run roon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A.P. Ferguson


have a look at this explains the different installation modes (with and without ROOTSYS).

For the latest Debian’s you should be able to just do:

./configure (which defaults to “linux”)
make install

Cheers, Fons.