Installing root


I read in the root installing instructions that root can be installed and built by the following steps:

root$ ./configure root$ make root$ source bin/
In other building root instructions I read that root should be build by making another directory to build root, say build-root, then run:

build-root$ cmake ~/root/ build-root$ make -jN build-root$ source ~/root/bin/

Actually i’m little confused about these two instructions to install and built root libraries probably, should they made both, which should be first , or what is the right way ?

Any help ?

Hi Safinaz,
both methods work. You can choose one of them but you should prefer “cmake” method since it is the method that is better supported.

I guess you refer to the INSTALL file in README as the source for the first set of instructions. These have been changed for the upcoming release. The preferred and long-term maintained is the CMake.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Thanx guys :slight_smile: