Installing ROOT

I’m installing ROOT in a linux (maybe the SL distribution) pc where I’m a simple user (so i’m installing it inside my home dir).
When i execute:

configure linux --enable-soversion --enable-table --enable-afs

I get the following error:

Configuring for linux
Checking for libX11 … no
configure: libX11 (package x11-devel) MUST be installed

Obviously X11 is installed (e.g.
are present)

Any suggestion? (Consider that i’m a simple user and to change something in system directories i have to ask to the pc owner…)

Hi Alfonsi,
then what about asking the pc owner to install x11-devel? This is a very basic package - you’ll need it whenever you build an application that uses windows.

An alternative is to find the x11-devel package that matches the x11 package installed on your machine, and unpack it into a sub dir of yur home dir. You’ll have to point ROOT’s configure to it, though, see configure --help.

Can any Scientific Linux 3.0.3 distribution user help me to install this package?

This distribution contains a visual tool to Add/Remove packages that is a very nuisance… You cannot know the “rpm” name of the package… You cannot select individual packages inside their “group of packages”… It doesn’t install automatically dependances…

I’m not an expert of rpm. Looking inside the distribution CDs i found for example:


Is it the required package? Can i install using the command line rpm (“rpm -i PACKAGE”, right?) instead of the visual tool?
I want to stress that i’m not the pc owner, so i have to be sure of what i’m doing.