Installing ROOT with the extension R

___Hello! I am trying to install ROOT with the R option. I downloaded and installed the R, Rccp, and RInside packages. At the ROOT build stage, an error appears

CMakeFiles/RInterface.dir/src/RExports.cxx.o: In function `Rcpp::AttributeProxyPolicy<Rcpp::Vector<14, Rcpp::PreserveStorage> >::AttributeProxy& Rcpp::AttributeProxyPolicy<Rcpp::Vector<14, Rcpp::PreserveStorage> >::AttributeProxy::operator=Rcpp::Dimension(Rcpp::Dimension const&) [clone .isra.0]':

When compiling, I use the following options:

-Dr=ON -Dveccore=ON -Dbuiltin_fftw3=ON -Dbuiltin_gsl=ON -Dx11=OFF

Can you tell me how to solve this problem?
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ROOT Version: ROOT 6.28/06
Platform: Linux
Compiler: Not Provided


Thank you for reporting this issue. Which version of R, Rcpp and Inside are you using and which compiler version of gcc on your Linux machine ?


Hello! Versions:
gcc v11.2.0
R v4.3.2
Rcpp v1.0.12
RInside 0.2.18

And sorry, I’m trying to install ROOT v6.24.06

Please forgive me for being annoying, but can I wait for an answer to my question?

Sorry, for my late reply. I might be an error with the configuration.
I cannot reproduce it with these latest version of R, RInside and Rcpp you are using. Can you try maybe a newer version of ROOT ?