Installing ROOT on Windows 7 : which Visual Studio install?

Hello everyone,

I want to install ROOT on Windows. I already searched the web for installation instructions and found Bertrand Bellenot’s posts ont the forum with the following link :

If I’m not mistaken, I need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 if I want to install the exe version of ROOT Release 5.34.36 compiled for VS2013.

So here is my question : since I’ve never had any business with Visual Studio before (I was running ROOT on linux machine), I am a little confused about what version of Studio I should get. Does it work with any of the versions available here : ? I mean Complete, Professionnal, Ultimate etc…
I also found something called Visual Studio 2013 VC++ Redistributable so I wonder if I should install that also ?

If anyone can help me clear this up, I would really appreciate it !


Hi Sylvain,

You only need Visual Studio if you want to use ACLiC, or if you want to compile your code against ROOT libraries…
That said, if you want to install Visual Studio, it doesn’t matter which flavor you select, as long as you make sure the version is the same (e.g. 2013)

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ok, thank you for your quick reply !

Just another quick question then (I apologize in advance if it’s a stupid question) : I’m used to writting small analysis programs like my_program.c and then using it in root as follow : “.L my_program.c” > “my_program(args)”. Is this a case where ACLiC is required ?

ACLiC is used to compile your macro, by using + at the end, like for example .L my_program.c+

Cheers, Bertrand

Ok, that’s what I thought.

Thank you very much!

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