Installing ROOT on Windows 10 and subsequently using it on Jupyter notebook

_ROOT Version: Release 6.14/00 - 2018-06-13
_Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Not Provided

I would like to install the latest PRO version ROOT on Windows 10. However, I couldn’t find any documentation that’s descriptive for a Windows 10 installation. Subsequently, I’m trying to use ROOT on Jupyter notebook as well. Could someone please help ?



Just download the executable and execute it, this will install ROOT for you, or download the zip file and extract it where you want. See also the bottom of this page
Important installation notes

  • You must download the binary built with the exact same version of Visual Studio than the one installed on your system.
  • Do not untar in a directory with a name containing blank characters.
  • Take the release version if performance matters.
  • If you want to debug your code you need the ROOT debug build (you cannot mix release / debug builds due to a Microsoft restriction).

N.B. The Jupyter notebook doesn’t work on Windows (not yet)

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi @bellenot, thanks so much for your reply.

I was able to install ROOT as you mentioned (after I installed VS 2013).
However, would I be able to use ROOT on Visual Studio Code ?

Currently, I can only run it through ROOT desktop app (which launches a command prompt).


FYI, if you downloaded ROOT 6, you will need VS 2017

What do you mean? Visual Studio Code is an editor…

Yes, ROOT runs in a command prompt by default.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi @bellenot, I was trying to use Visual Code editor to be able to run ROOT code, is there an integration available for this ?

I am trying to have a better GUI interface to run ROOT code and I’m looking at Visual Code as a possibility.

Not as far as I know…

Alright, thanks very much!

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