Installing Root on OSX 10.8


Maybe this issue is adressed somewhere else, but I didn’t find it anywhere. If this was already discussed, could you please direct me to the information I need?

My computer runs on OSX 10.8.5. The last Root release that I found that is compatible with this version of OSX is Release 5.34/05.
I have downloaded the source distribution of that release, but I am running into problems while trying to install Root. If I understand correctly, I am supposed to build Root following these instructions:
However, when trying to implement step 4, my Terminal tells me that the cmake command is unknown. Is there another way to do it?
I do have Xcode on my computer, if this has anything to do with it.

Thank you

You need probably to install CMake. Just follow the instructions in


…and you should really upgrade your Mac :slight_smile:

Cheers, Axel.

Thank you, I installed CMake. My terminal still tells me -bash: cmake: command not found but I was able to open CMake as an application, select the build and source folders and build root (some elements are not ticked however – see image, I don’t know if this is normal).

I don’t know how to implement step 5 of, and when I try to start Root (step 7), it tells me -bash: root: command not found.

At this point I have no idea of what I should try to do…

I have consulted an acquaintance of mine who was able to help me install Root using a binary file instead. Everything now works.
Thank you for your help!