Installing ROOT on Mac OS X

I’ve installed ROOT 5.22 on Mac OS X, but I am having difficulty running it through the terminal. It seems that I need to run the following commands for every new terminal session in order for the terminal to recognize the “root” command:

export ROOTSYS=/Applications/root
export PATH=$PATH:$ROOTSYS/bin

My colleague has been having the same problem. What are we doing wrong?

You should add these commands in your start-up script (.profile, or .bash_profile, or …)


Thanks. I’m not sure what my start-up script is, though. I don’t have any files named like you indicated they would be – my home directory when I open the terminal consists of the dot-files:


Do I just need to make my own start-up script (called .profile)?


this depends on your OS, shell, and setup. See e.g. … 03_01.html

Cheers, Axel.