Installing ROOT on linux mint 21.1

Hi everyone!
Here a newbie
I’m having troubles with the installation of pre-compiled binary distribution.
I have a linux mint 21.1, i have read the i can use it like a ubuntu 22.04.
I’m blocked with the fourth step:
“Add the ROOT libraries and executables to your environment by sourcing the appropriate thisroot.* script. These setup scripts can be found in the ROOT binary release, in the bin directory.”
I really don’t know what does it mean, can someone explain to me what to do now?

Wherever you extracted the ROOT binaries, there is a subdirectory called “bin”, and inside it there is the file “”; you need to run (“source”) this file every time you open a terminal. To automate this, you add this sourcing to a config file (in your home directory) called .bashrc (note the dot at the beginning, it’s a hidden file).
Supposing you extracted ROOT to “/home/yourname/root” (modify accordingly!):
1 - Open a terminal window
2 - Type:
cd (and hit enter; this takes you to your home directory, e.g. /home/yourname, in case you were not there already)
3 - Type (copy-paste this to avoid typos):
nano .bashrc
and enter; this opens the file in a simple text editor; go to the end of the file (use the arrows, page down/up,… but not the mouse) and add this line:
source /home/yourname/root/bin/
4 - Hit ctrl+x to exit (it will ask if you want to save the file, type y for yes and exit)
5 - Close the terminal window

Now, every time you open a new terminal, you should be able to just type root (and enter) to run root.


Thank you so much!

/usr/include/strings.h:68:14: note: candidate found by name lookup is ‘index’ extern char *index (const char *__s, int __c) i found trouble to write the proggram in cern root then what can i do for fix this problem

It’s better if you open a new thread with your specific problem; and make sure you add your OS and ROOT details (when you create the thread some links are added with instructions and suggestions); how you installed/compiled it, version, etc.