Installing root in conda

Dear experts,

I am trying to install root in a conda environment. I have followed the instructions given in website

conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda create -c conda-forge --name my_root_env root

This ran successfully without any error. However when I am trying to open the root in conda environment

conda activate my_root_env

it gives the following error and goes into segmentation violation

Warning in TClassTable::Add: class TIsAProxy already in TClassTable
Warning in TClassTable::Add: class TStorage already in TClassTable
Warning in TClassTable::Add: class TObject already in TClassTable
… (more warnings follows, not typed here)

ERROR in cling::CIFactory::createCI():
resource directory /home/user/anaconda3/envs/my_root_env/etc//cling/lib/clang/9.0.1 not found!
fatal error: module map file ‘lib/clang/9.0.1/include/module.modulemap’ not found
Warning in cling::IncrementalParser::CheckABICompatibility():
Failed to extract C++ standard library version.

*** Break *** segmentation violation

I already have a root environment outside the conda environment which is working fine. This happens only in root installation inside a conda environment. Even when I try to open in Jupyter Notebook inside the environment the kernel gets restarted. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit. What is the issue here?


Hello Krishnakumar,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.
I suspect ubuntu 18 might be an old distro, but I let perhaps @vpadulan comment about the conda builds.


This type of message when involving the name of a ROOT class (TObject, TStorage, etc.) almost always means that there is more than one ROOT installation the library path (see echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH | tr ':' '\n' )

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Dear @KKR ,

I second the suggestion by @pcanal . Most probably you have two different ROOT installations available in the same environment and that is causing trouble.

That being said, official support for Ubuntu 18.04 was ended in April 2023 by Canonical. As such, newer ROOT versions are not expected to support this particular release. You can expect failures of any kind.