Installing ROOT for 32 bit, Window-8.1 operating system

Hi, I am Shashi. Currently I am using 32 bit Window-8.1 opearting system.

When I install root version-6, I am getting this.

In my labtop, there is 4GB RAM, I can not use virtula box instead.

Plese tell me How canI fix it?


I’m not sure it will work on Windows 8, but you need at least to install Visual Studio with the Desktop development with C++ option

I seems that ROOT 5 is working on 32 bit Window-8.1 opearting system.

Is’nt It?

Yes, but the ROOT 6 interpreter has a completely different mechanism, it uses a JIT compiler and needs the C++ headers

ROOT 5 supports on 32 bit Window-8.1 opearting system.

Should ROOT-6 support on 32 bit Window-8.1 opearting system as well?

Well, I guess it should work, if you can install Visual Studio on it. And FYI, Windows 8.1 has reached end of support on January 10, 2023

Does ROOT-5 support Python (pyROOT)?

If yes, which version of Python support ROOT-5?

ROOT v5.34/38 was built with Python 2.7

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