Installing root 6.08 on Ubuntu 15

Hi everybody,

I am completely new to root and I am having some problems with the installation.

I downloaded the version 6.08 from the site. I unzipped and untar-ed in my home directory. But when I try to do a

./configure --prefix=$HOME/root

I get the following error saying

bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

Why is that? I thought that this would be the proper way of installing the package. Can anybody explain to me in simple terms what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks.

I believe you are following an old tutorial on how to install ROOT. Take a look here for the current way of installation:

Edit: if you have downloaded the prebuild package, the only thing you need to do is:

source $HOME/root/bin/

Best would be to add this to your .bashrc file

Thank you for your reply.

I downloaded the source code for the 6.08 version.

So, if I understand correctly, I just need to to

cd root/

source $HOME/root/bin/


If you want to build ROOT yourself than you need to do all the steps in the link I sent you before (so building it with CMake). But since you downloaded the pre-built package already you just need to untar it at some place and source it. So in steps:

  1. Download ROOT release for your platform from here:
  2. Untar it at somewhere (like $HOME)
  3. Open .bashrc with your editor like so: gedit ~/.bashrc
  4. At the end of this file add the following line: source $HOME/root/bin/ and save it.
  5. Open a terminal and enter the command root.

Thank you for your reply. Somehow this did not work.

I untar-ed my root in my home directory with path


I am now following the directions in the link that you provided.

So, can you tell me if my steps are correct?

  1. I create a directory in my home
    mkdir root-build
    cd root-build

  2. cmake /home/christianwos/root-6.09.02

  3. make -jN

  4. This is a step where I am confused a bit. Do I just type from the terminal?

  5. Then try running root?

Sorry if any of this sounds tremendously stupid, but I am completely new to all of this.

Thank you very much.

Yes or

, ${HOME}/root-build/bin/

(or .csh you use tcsh)

Then try running root?

Yes :slight_smile:


Thank you. But is not in the build directoty, but in the root-6.09.02 folder that I downloaded.


Which file did you download exactly? The source tar.gz should not contain even a bin/ directory…


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